Ford Lincoln Mazda Mercury H72PT 598333 011-R0221 Transponder Key
Ford Lincoln Mazda Mercury H72PT 598333 011-R0221 Transponder KeyTested Transponder, Guaranteed To Work
This is a transponder key with a blade that is H72 and a chip that is 4C Texas Crypto 1st Gen.  Have a local automotive locksmith cut the key to work the vehicle.  If you have two keys already that work to start the engine then you can program additional keys yourself using the procedure below.  If not then you will need an ...
Key-N-Fob Mfg4.8888889H72PT Chipkey

Ford Lincoln Mazda Mercury H72PT 598333 011-R0221 Transponder Key

Tested Transponder, Guaranteed To Work

Price: $17.50 - $29.99
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Item Specifics
Product Type
Transponder Key
Chip ID
4C Texas Crypto 1st Gen
Blade Type
Transponder Programming

This is a transponder key with a blade that is H72 and a chip that is 4C Texas Crypto 1st Gen.  Have a local automotive locksmith cut the key to work the vehicle.  If you have two keys already that work to start the engine then you can program additional keys yourself using the procedure below.  If not then you will need an automotive locksmith to program the vehicle to accept the new key by scan tool.

To add additional keys to your vehicle:

1.  Insert working key #1 into the ignition.
2.  Turn the ignition to ON (RUN) and back to OFF.
3.  Remove key #1 and within 5 seconds insert working key #2 and turn it to ON (RUN) then back to OFF.
4.  Insert the key you want to program before 10 seconds have elapsed, and turn it to ON (RUN). Leave it ON for 1 second and turn back to OFF.
5.  The security light will light up for 3 seconds to indicate programming has been successful.

  • Free Tech Support
  • Guaranteed To Work
  • Tested Before Shipping
Application List
ImageSKU / Part NoApplicationDetailStock
CK597602 CK597602Ford Crown Victoria (1998-2002)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Crown Victoria (1998-2002)
CK598333 CK598333Ford Crown Victoria (1998-2002)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Crown Victoria (1998-2002)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Crown Victoria (1998-2002)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Crown Victoria (1998-2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Crown Victoria (1998-2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Excursion (2000-2005)
CK597602 CK597602Ford Excursion (2000-2005)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Excursion (2000-2005)
CK598333 CK598333Ford Excursion (2000-2005)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Excursion (2000-2005)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Excursion (2000-2005)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Excursion (2000-2005)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Expedition (1997-1998)with transponder system
CK598333 CK598333Ford Expedition (1997-1998)with transponder system
CK597602 CK597602Ford Expedition (1997-1998)with transponder system
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Expedition (1997-1998)with transponder system
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Expedition (1997-1998)with transponder system
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Expedition (1997-1998)with transponder system
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Expedition (1997-1998)with transponder system
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Expedition (1999-2002)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Expedition (1999-2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Expedition (1999-2002)
CK597602 CK597602Ford Expedition (1999-2002)
CK598333 CK598333Ford Expedition (1999-2001)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Expedition (1999-2002)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Expedition (1999-2002)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Explorer (1998-2000)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Explorer (1998-2000)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Explorer (1998-2000)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Explorer (1998-2000)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Explorer (1998-2000)
CK597602 CK597602Ford Explorer (1998-2000)
CK598333 CK598333Ford Explorer (1998-2000)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord F-150 (1998-2003)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord F-150 (1998-2003)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord F-150 (1998-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord F-150 (1998-2003)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord F-150 (1998-2003)
CK597602 CK597602Ford F-150 (1998-2003)
CK598333 CK598333Ford F-150 (1998-2003)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord F-250 (1998-2003)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord F-250 (1998-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord F-250 (1998-2003)
CK597602 CK597602Ford F-250 (1998-2003)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord F-250 (1998-2003)
CK598333 CK598333Ford F-250 (1998-2003)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord F-250 (1998-2003)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK597602 CK597602Ford F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333 CK598333Ford F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord F-250 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333 CK598333Ford F-350 (1998-2003)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord F-350 (1998-2003)
CK597602 CK597602Ford F-350 (1998-2003)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord F-350 (1998-2003)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord F-350 (1998-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord F-350 (1998-2003)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord F-350 (1998-2003)
CK597602 CK597602Ford F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333 CK598333Ford F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord F-350 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK597602 CK597602Ford F-450 (1998-2003)
CK598333 CK598333Ford F-450 (1998-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord F-450 (1998-2003)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord F-450 (1998-2003)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord F-450 (1998-2003)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord F-450 (1998-2003)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord F-450 (1998-2003)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord F-450 Super Duty (1998-2003)
CK597602 CK597602Ford F-450 Super Duty (1998-2003)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord F-450 Super Duty (1998-2003)
CK598333 CK598333Ford F-450 Super Duty (1998-2003)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord F-450 Super Duty (1998-2003)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord F-450 Super Duty (1998-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord F-450 Super Duty (1998-2003)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333 CK598333Ford F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK597602 CK597602Ford F-550 Super Duty (1999-2003)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord GT (2005-2006)
CK598333 CK598333Ford GT (2005-2006)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord GT (2005-2006)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord GT (2005-2006)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord GT (2005-2006)
CK597602 CK597602Ford GT (2005-2006)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord GT (2005-2006)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Mustang (1996)with transponder system and 8 cut keyway
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Mustang (1996)with transponder system and 8 cut keyway
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Mustang (1996)with transponder system and 8 cut keyway
CK597602 CK597602Ford Mustang (1996)with transponder system and 8 cut keyway
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Mustang (1996)with transponder system and 8 cut keyway
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Mustang (1996)with transponder system and 8 cut keyway
CK598333 CK598333Ford Mustang (1996)with transponder system and 8 cut keyway
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Mustang (1997-2004)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Mustang (1997-2004)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Mustang (1997-2004)
CK597602 CK597602Ford Mustang (1997-2004)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Mustang (1997-2004)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Mustang (1997-2004)
CK598333 CK598333Ford Mustang (1997-2004)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Ranger (1999-2000)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Ranger (1999-2000)
CK597602 CK597602Ford Ranger (1999-2000)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Ranger (1999-2000)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Ranger (1999-2000)
CK598333 CK598333Ford Ranger (1999-2000)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Ranger (1999-2000)
CK597602 CK597602Ford Taurus (1997-1999)with transponder system
CK598333 CK598333Ford Taurus (1997-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Taurus (1997-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Taurus (1997-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Taurus (1997-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Taurus (1997-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Taurus (1997-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Windstar (1998)with transponder system
CK597602 CK597602Ford Windstar (1998)with transponder system
CK598333 CK598333Ford Windstar (1998)with transponder system
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Windstar (1998)with transponder system
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Windstar (1998)with transponder system
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Windstar (1998)with transponder system
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Windstar (1998)with transponder system
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWFord Windstar (1999-2000)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKFord Windstar (1999-2000)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDFord Windstar (1999-2000)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEFord Windstar (1999-2000)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEFord Windstar (1999-2000)
CK598333 CK598333Ford Windstar (1999-2000)
CK597602 CK597602Ford Windstar (1999-2000)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUELincoln Blackwood (2002)
CK598333 CK598333Lincoln Blackwood (2002)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUELincoln Blackwood (2002)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWLincoln Blackwood (2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDLincoln Blackwood (2002)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKLincoln Blackwood (2002)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUELincoln Continental (1998-2002)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWLincoln Continental (1998-2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDLincoln Continental (1998-2002)
CK598333 CK598333Lincoln Continental (1998-2002)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKLincoln Continental (1998-2002)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUELincoln Continental (1998-2002)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWLincoln Navigator (1998-2002)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUELincoln Navigator (1998-2002)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKLincoln Navigator (1998-2002)
CK598333 CK598333Lincoln Navigator (1998-2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDLincoln Navigator (1998-2002)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUELincoln Navigator (1998-2002)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUELincoln Town Car (1998-2002)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUELincoln Town Car (1998-2002)
CK598333 CK598333Lincoln Town Car (1998-2002)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWLincoln Town Car (1998-2002)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKLincoln Town Car (1998-2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDLincoln Town Car (1998-2002)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEMazda B2300 (1999-2000)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDMazda B2300 (1999-2000)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEMazda B2300 (1999-2000)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWMazda B2300 (1999-2000)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKMazda B2300 (1999-2000)
CK598333 CK598333Mazda B2300 (1999-2000)
CK598333 CK598333Mazda B2500 (1999-2000)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWMazda B2500 (1999-2000)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDMazda B2500 (1999-2000)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEMazda B2500 (1999-2000)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKMazda B2500 (1999-2000)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEMazda B2500 (1999-2000)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDMazda B3000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKMazda B3000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEMazda B3000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEMazda B3000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWMazda B3000 (1999-2000)
CK598333 CK598333Mazda B3000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEMazda B4000 (1999-2000)
CK598333 CK598333Mazda B4000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKMazda B4000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWMazda B4000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDMazda B4000 (1999-2000)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEMazda B4000 (1999-2000)
CK598333 CK598333Mercury Grand Marquis (1998-2002)
CK597603 CK597603Mercury Grand Marquis (1998-2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDMercury Grand Marquis (1998-2002)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEMercury Grand Marquis (1998-2002)
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKMercury Grand Marquis (1998-2002)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEMercury Grand Marquis (1998-2002)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWMercury Grand Marquis (1998-2002)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDMercury Mountaineer (1998-2001)
CK598333 CK598333Mercury Mountaineer (1998-2001)
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWMercury Mountaineer (1998-2001)
CK597603 CK597603Mercury Mountaineer (1998-2000)
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEMercury Mountaineer (1998-2001)
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEMercury Mountaineer (1998-2001)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDMercury Mountaineer (2001)with old style keyway
CK597603 CK597603Mercury Mountaineer (2001)with old style keyway
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKMercury Mountaineer (2001)with old style keyway
CK598333-LIGHTBLUE CK598333-LIGHTBLUEMercury Sable (1996-1999)with transponder system
CK597603 CK597603Mercury Sable (1996-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-DARKBLUE CK598333-DARKBLUEMercury Sable (1996-1999)with transponder system
CK598333 CK598333Mercury Sable (1996-1999)
CK598333-RED CK598333-REDMercury Sable (1996-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-PINK CK598333-PINKMercury Sable (1996-1999)with transponder system
CK598333-YELLOW CK598333-YELLOWMercury Sable (1996-1999)with transponder system
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by Joseph T on October 21, 2016
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Just cut needed. After that youre good to go

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5 stars
by Patrick N on November 12, 2016
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way cheaper than buying at a shop

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Good key
by Joel E on April 09, 2016
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Working great

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Fast shipping
by Thyagaraj H on May 14, 2017
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Arrived earlier than expected, thank you

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Good deal
by Thaddeus M S on June 11, 2017
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Very difficult to find, and ahs a good price

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Awesome deal
by Milton H on June 15, 2017
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Like it

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I'll order a couple more
by Kierstyn P on November 23, 2016
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You dont really know when youll need a spare key

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Love it
by James J on March 28, 2016
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Many different colors to choose

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lindos colores
by Jerome G on March 18, 2016
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Azul oscuro fue el que elegi, se ve genial!

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