Replace your factory keyless entry remote key fob transmitter or aftermarket alarm or remote start remote control. Obtain replacement cases, button pads, shells and housings to repair your working remote that has a cracked case or other wear. Replace your keyless remote batteries before they leak and destroy your remote. Silicone Rubber Remote Covers, Remote Skins and Leather Totes can protect your remote.


All remotes for aftermarket systems include programming instructions. A majority of factory remotes and keys include programming instructions but please look up your year, make, and model and check Remote Programming to be sure about your particular vehicle. If your vehicle is not onboard programmable, you can find a locksmith near you on Remember, generally when it comes to remote programming, it is the vehicle that gets programmed to accept the remote, not the remote learning to control the vehicle. We have free tech support for all customers by appointment and we have immediate tech support for B2B Discount Clients (locksmiths, car dealers, auto accessory shops, and auto repair shops, etc).