Replacement Case and Button Pad CWTWB1U345 CWTWB1U331 4 button
Replacement Case and Button Pad CWTWB1U345 CWTWB1U331 4 buttonPerfect Fit, Guaranteed To Work
If your plastic shell cracked or broke or the button pad ripped apart, this is the solution for you. Simply move the insides of the old remote into the new case and pad.   This case fits remotes with FCC IDs CWTWB1U345 and CWTWB1U331, part numbers 8S4Z-15K601-A, 8S4T-15K601-AA, 2S4T-15K601-AB, 2S4Z-15K601-AA, and 4 buttons. ...
Key-N-Fob Mfg4B Ford Case

Replacement Case and Button Pad CWTWB1U345 CWTWB1U331 4 button

Perfect Fit, Guaranteed To Work

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Replacement Case
If your plastic shell cracked or broke or the button pad ripped apart, this is the solution for you. Simply move the insides of the old remote into the new case and pad.   This case fits remotes with FCC IDs CWTWB1U345 and CWTWB1U331, part numbers 8S4Z-15K601-A, 8S4T-15K601-AA, 2S4T-15K601-AB, 2S4Z-15K601-AA, and 4 buttons.
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Application List
ImageSKU / Part NoApplicationDetailStock
3021RC 3021RCFord Crown Victoria (2007-2010)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Crown Victoria (2007-2010)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Crown Victoria (2007-2010)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Crown Victoria (2007-2010)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Crown Victoria (2007-2010)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Crown Victoria (2007-2010)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Crown Victoria (2007-2010)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Escort (1998-2003)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Escort (1998-2003)
3021RC 3021RCFord Escort (1998-2003)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Escort (1998-2003)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Escort (1998-2003)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Escort (1998-2003)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Escort (1998-2003)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Expedition (2002-2010)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Expedition (2002-2010)
3021RC 3021RCFord Expedition (2002-2010)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Expedition (2002-2010)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Expedition (2002-2010)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Expedition (2002-2010)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Expedition (2002-2010)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Explorer (2002-2010)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Explorer (2002-2010)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Explorer (2002-2010)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Explorer (2002-2010)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Explorer (2002-2010)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Explorer (2002-2010)
3021RC 3021RCFord Explorer (2002-2010)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Five Hundred (2005-2007)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Five Hundred (2005-2007)
3021RC 3021RCFord Five Hundred (2005-2007)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Five Hundred (2005-2007)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Five Hundred (2005-2007)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Five Hundred (2005-2007)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Five Hundred (2005-2007)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Focus (2000-2009)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Focus (2000-2009)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Focus (2000-2009)
3021RC 3021RCFord Focus (2000-2009)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Focus (2000-2009)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Focus (2000-2009)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Focus (2000-2009)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Focus 2 (2005-2006)
3021RC 3021RCFord Focus 2 (2005-2006)
3021RC 3021RCFord Freestar (2005)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Freestar (2005)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Freestar (2005)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Freestar (2005-2006)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Freestar (2005)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Freestar (2005)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Freestar (2005)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Mustang (1999-2009)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Mustang (1999-2009)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Mustang (1999-2009)
3021RC 3021RCFord Mustang (1999-2009)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Mustang (1999-2009)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Mustang (1999-2009)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Mustang (1999-2009)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Taurus (1998-2007)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Taurus (1998-2007)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Taurus (1998-2007)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Taurus (1998-2007)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Taurus (1998-2007)
3021RC 3021RCFord Taurus (1998-2007)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Taurus (1998-2007)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYFord Thunderbird (2001-2005)
3021RC 3021RCFord Thunderbird (2001-2005)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEFord Thunderbird (2001-2005)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEFord Thunderbird (2001-2005)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDFord Thunderbird (2001-2005)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKFord Thunderbird (2001-2005)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWFord Thunderbird (2001-2005)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUELincoln Aviator (2003-2005)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYLincoln Aviator (2003-2005)
3021RC 3021RCLincoln Aviator (2003-2005)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUELincoln Aviator (2003-2005)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDLincoln Aviator (2003-2005)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKLincoln LS (2000-2006)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDLincoln LS (2000-2006)
3021RC 3021RCLincoln LS (2000-2006)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUELincoln LS (2000-2006)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWLincoln LS (2000-2006)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUELincoln LS (2000-2006)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYLincoln LS (2000-2006)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYLincoln Navigator (2002-2010)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKLincoln Navigator (2002-2010)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUELincoln Navigator (2002-2010)
3021RC 3021RCLincoln Navigator (2002-2010)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDLincoln Navigator (2002-2010)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUELincoln Navigator (2002-2010)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWLincoln Navigator (2002-2010)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUELincoln Town Car (1998-2003)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYLincoln Town Car (1998-2011)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUELincoln Town Car (1998-2011)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKLincoln Town Car (1998-2011)
3021RC-RED 3021RC-REDLincoln Town Car (1998-2003)
3021RC 3021RCLincoln Town Car (1998-2003)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWLincoln Town Car (1998-2003)
3021RC 3021RCLincoln Town Car (2004-2011)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUELincoln Town Car (2004-2011)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWLincoln Zephyr (2006)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUELincoln Zephyr (2006)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYLincoln Zephyr (2006)
3021RC 3021RCLincoln Zephyr (2006)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKLincoln Zephyr (2006)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUELincoln Zephyr (2006)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Cougar (1998-2002)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Cougar (1998-2002)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Cougar (1998-2002)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Cougar (1998-2002)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Cougar (1998-2002)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Cougar (1998-2002)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Grand Marquis (2007-2011)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Grand Marquis (2007-2011)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Grand Marquis (2007-2011)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Grand Marquis (2007-2011)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Grand Marquis (2007-2011)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Grand Marquis (2007-2011)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Marauder (2003-2004)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Marauder (2003-2004)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Marauder (2003-2004)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Marauder (2003-2004)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Marauder (2003-2004)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Marauder (2003-2004)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Milan (2006)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Milan (2006)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Milan (2006)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Milan (2006)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Milan (2006)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Milan (2006)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Montego (2005-2007)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Montego (2005-2007)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Montego (2005-2007)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Montego (2005-2007)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Montego (2005-2007)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Montego (2005-2007)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Monterey (2006)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Monterey (2006)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Monterey (2006)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Monterey (2006)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Monterey (2006)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Monterey (2006)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Mountaineer (2002-2010)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Mountaineer (2002-2010)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Mountaineer (2002-2010)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Mountaineer (2002-2010)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Mountaineer (2002-2010)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Mountaineer (2002-2010)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Sable (1998-2005)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Sable (1998-2005)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Sable (1998-2005)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Sable (1998-2005)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Sable (1998-2005)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Sable (1998-2005)
3021RC-NAVYBLUE 3021RC-NAVYBLUEMercury Tracer (1998-1999)
3021RC 3021RCMercury Tracer (1998-1999)
3021RC-LIGHTBLUE 3021RC-LIGHTBLUEMercury Tracer (1998-1999)
3021RC-GREY 3021RC-GREYMercury Tracer (1998-1999)
3021RC-PINK 3021RC-PINKMercury Tracer (1998-1999)
3021RC-YELLOW 3021RC-YELLOWMercury Tracer (1998-1999)
Return Policy


At RAK we make returns as easy as possible. Our mission is to provide you with the best products and the best service in the industry. We understand that sometimes, customers change their minds about products that they order or simply do not need them anymore. We also know that customers are cautious about Return Policies since they are often tricky and misleading. Our goal is to make the return or exchange process trustworthy and as simple as 1-2-3.


If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with your purchase, you may return the item within 30 days of delivery of your order. The following rules apply:

Products must be in the same condition we sent it in.

Shipping Fees are non-refundable.

All returns must be made by signing in, going to MY ACCOUNT, clicking order history, finding the order, click Return this item.There are few non-returnable products & services that may be offered on our website. It will indicate clearly in the product description if a different return policy applies.

Order cancellations can only be requested prior to shipment.


To return a product, you must first request a Return Merchandise Authorization (RMA) that is located in the MY ACCOUNT section next to each order item that you want to return. Once you've selected the items to return and the reason, you will be given return instructions.


There are 2 ways you can go about exchanging a product:

Option 1 (Slower) - Use the standard return procedure to request an RMA for the part you need exchanged. In your request please specify the exact item(s) you would like to exchange to. Upon receipt of your returned product we will process an exchange and ship the new part. If there is a difference in the price, you will be either refunded or charged the difference.

Option 2 (Faster) - Order the new part over the phone and request to include a prepaid label to send back the first purchase for refund.


We all know that accidents happen sometimes. If your product(s) will arrive defective, damaged, or simply incorrect, please contact our customer service department as soon as possible. Please do not attempt to use or install the part! We will send you a replacement part and provide you with a prepaid return label to return the defective part. Product(s) must be returned to us within 30 days. If the damage was caused by a shipping courier, we will schedule a damage pick up by the courier.


When you request a cancellation of an order or a part it may take up to 24 business hours to process your cancellation claim. This process may involve voiding orders in computer systems, removing items from backorder logs, having operations personnel pull items from production schedules and sometimes stopping orders at the shipping dock. Also note that sometimes products ship more quickly than expected, so we recommend that you do not purchase alternative products until receiving final confirmation of your cancellation.


After we accept your return, you will be issued a refund via the same payment method as you had originally used to place the order. The refund amount will be composed of the original purchase price minus shipping charges. You will be sent an email confirming receipt of the return and your credit. Please allow an additional 5-7 days for the credit to appear on your account.

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