Pursuit PRO9342 Remote Programming
Audiovox Pursuit PRO94BT2 Keyless Alarm Remote ELVAT5B
Audiovox Pursuit PRO94BT2 Keyless Alarm Remote ELVAT5B

This transmitter comes with easy programming instructions to make the system in your car accept it.  The battery is included.  This remote has been tested to ensure it sends proper signals.  We have free tech support to help yo

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Pursuit PRO9342 Remote Programming

To program additional transmitters to your car continue with the instructions below:

Please note: To ensure that the system to be ready for programming, it should not be in valet mode. The dash mounted LED lights up solidly when in valet mode. For anyone who is in valet mode flip the switch to the other position before beginning.

1. Place your key in the ignition and turn it to the on position.
2. Flip the valet switch THREE times.
3. Push button #1 on the fob you wish to program for Three seconds.
4. Flick the valet switch ONCE.
5. Press button #2 on the fob for Three seconds.
6. Take out key from ignition and then test the fob.