Please don't because even though the remote works the door locks and the transponder could start the engine, the key won't turn in the locks. However, you could get a local locksmith to decode your locks and replace the keyblade.

By hugo antonio z on April 14, 2017. 
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Once you place the order you will receive an order confirmation email. Reply to that email with the photos.

By Victor Y on September 07, 2017. 
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The remote key can lose sync if buttons are pressed too many times when not near vehicle. To fix: 1.Insert key in ignition. Don't turn. 2.Press the lock button on the remote key twice in 2 seconds. 3.Turn the key to ON/RUN within 30 seconds. 4.Take key out. 5.Exit vehicle, close door. Test remote.

By on May 09, 2018. 
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