1993 Buick Riviera Factory Keyless Entry Remote Programming Procedure

1. Switch the ignition towards the ON position (do not crank the engine.)
Find the VAC Programming Connector adjacent to the keyless entry receiver inside trunk. This is a green plastic connector with one black/white wire leading up to it. The connector is not plugged into anything. You might need to pull back the trim to access it.
3. The programming connector has one terminal. Ground this terminal to the trunk hatch or antenna. The door locks will automatically cycle (lock and unlock)
to point out that programming mode has started. Make certain the programming connector stays grounded all through the procedure.
Press UNLOCK on the remote once. The door locks will cycle once to show that ther keyfob has been programmed and all previously saved remotes are cleared from memory.
a. If only one
transmitter is to work with the automobile then press UNLOCK again on the same remote. The door locks will cycle to validate. Skip to step 5.
In cases where a second remote shall be programmed, press the UNLOCK button on the second keyfob one time. The door locks will cycle to confirm.
Take away jumper wire you used to ground the VAC programming connector.

Discontinued Buick Cadillac Oldsmobile Factory Keyless Remote ABO0502T GLQ9Z6-1507
Discontinued Buick Cadillac Oldsmobile Factory Keyless Remote ABO0502T GLQ9Z6-1507

This remote's FCC ID can be either ABO0502T or GLQ9Z6-1507 depending when it was made.  They are both the same.  Part number 22100943 was a Buick logo remote.  Part number 22100944 and 22100945 were Oldsmobile logo fobs.  Part

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